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How to Pack a Box Like a Pro

How to Pack a Box Like a Pro

Most people have the basics down when it comes to packing. Keep like items together, try to pack each room in the same boxes to make unpacking easier, and use proper packing materials to protect breakable items. However, when you’re facing the task of actually packing up your home, knowing how to pack a box like a pro can be incredibly handy.

Prepare Accordingly

Your home likely contains various items of all different sizes and varying levels of fragility. Prepare for your move by collecting moving boxes of various sizes. Find the sturdiest boxes you can find, ideally one with double-layered cardboard and removable lids for easier packing. Standard folding-top cardboard boxes work fine, just make sure to find some manageable packing tape to keep them secure. Buy a large permanent marker or some kind of labeling tool so you can quickly and easily identify which boxes go where. Moving is also a great time to downsize, so take some time to go through old clothes and your other belongings to find things you can donate, sell, or simply throw away.

Work Room by Room

It’s more important to pack one room’s items together than it is to pack like items all within the same boxes. As you begin packing your boxes, work room by room through your home. This will make unpacking much more streamlined. Label each room so when you arrive at your new place, unloading your moving truck will be stress-free. It’s also wise to start packing your least essential items in advance. If your move is in a few weeks, but you know you won’t be needing the contents of a particular room for a while, go ahead and start packing ahead of your move.

Pack Items by Size

As you start filling a box with items from one room, start with the largest items and then fill in the gaps with smaller items. You certainly need to be careful when it comes to breakable items, but, ultimately, you want to pack each box as tightly as possible. This not only helps cut down on the number of boxes you’ll need to pack, but it also prevents items from moving around and potentially breaking in transit.

Use Appropriate Padding

You can use many items around your home as free packing materials. Old tee shirts, towels, blankets, sheets, and dishcloths can make fantastic packing material to keep items from rubbing against one another or breaking during the trip to your new place. You also save yourself the trouble of packing these items separately by using them as padding.

Hire Professionals

Packing up your home box by box can be a serious chore. You have plenty to worry about when it comes to moving to a new place that the responsibility of packing all your belongings into boxes can add an extra layer of anxiety on top of an already stressful ordeal. You may also simply not have the time if you have a demanding work schedule. Certified Relocation Solutions can not only ensure your move is handled smoothly and efficiently, but also handle packing your boxes for you with expert care. Contact us today to learn more about our moving rates and box packing services.

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