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Throw Away These 5 Items Before You Move!

Throw Away These 5 Items Before You Move!

Moving offers more than just an opportunity to explore someplace new and make new connections. It also provides you with the chance to truly evaluate your belongings and decide what is coming with you. Look at this as a chance to declutter your life, Marie Kondo style. Don’t rush to pack everything you own – here are some things you should throw away before diving into the decluttering process.

Expired Food

We all have our moments when we stock the pantry, thinking it will be good to have staples that we can pull together into a meal when the need arises. Unfortunately, we rarely go through all of them before they expire. Take a look through your pantry and throw out any food that is (long) past expiration. Common culprits include quick bread and pancake/waffle mixes, canned goods, and dry pastas. Also, seasonings will expire, so throw out that cream of tartar from 2011. While you’re at it, go through the fridge and throw out any perishables that are no longer safe to eat. Doesn’t your house feel less messy already?

Old Medications

There is no point in dragging around old medications that you never lose, so it’s a good idea to get rid of them. Think twice, however, before you toss them in the trash or flush them down the toilet. Like batteries or light bulbs, there are special procedures required for disposing of unwanted medications. Call your local hospital and ask about medication take-back programs.

Go Through Your Garage

Your garage is likely full of items you no longer need – old paint cans, gasoline, oil cans, and other forms of clutter. Just like medications, there are also special disposal methods for items like these. Your best course of action is to call your local garbage collector and check with their policies. Some will let you fill paint cans with kitty litter and put them out on the curb with the other trash; others will request that you bring it to their hazardous waste collection facility. Always check on municipal rules before putting items like this on the curb on garbage day.

Potted Plants

So, you didn’t get to bringing your potted plants inside before the frosts came. If this seems familiar, then don’t waste time thinking that you can nurse those plants back to health in the spring. Remove all dead potted plants – or mostly dead – from their planters and dispose of them before your move.

Kitchen Appliances That You No Longer Use

Did you get a pasta maker for Christmas 10 years ago that sits in its box unopened? Accept that you will likely never use and it and either try to make some money off it or donate it to someone who could use it. In general, if you haven’t used it in the past year, it’s not worth trying to move and find a place for in your new home.

Moving provides a great chance and reducing the clutter in your home and making sure that only the essentials make it to your destination. Certified Relocation can provide you with a streamlined and efficient moving process – contact us today to learn more or request a moving quote.

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