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Last Minute Move? Follow These 3 Steps 

Last Minute Move? Follow These 3 Steps 

Most Americans plan well in advance of moving, but sometimes the unexpected can make for a last minute move. If you’re facing a last-minute or unplanned move, these can be highly stressful ordeals without the right support. The following tips can help you and your family transition through this difficult situation more easily and with greater confidence.

Come to Terms With the Situation

Since you don’t have the time-frame most others have to work with before your unexpected move, you’re going to need to prepare to buckle down and accept several very busy days leading up to your move if you need to juggle work, family obligations, and preparing to relocate all at once.

Facing all these obligations at once can be taxing, so be sure to recognize when you need a break. Burning yourself out won’t help the situation, so try to find a steady pace that you can manage. Handling this situation alone can be challenging, so don’t shy away from asking relatives and friends for help. Make sure everyone knows you need all hands on deck to make the move happen as smoothly as possible. Ascertain your moving timeline and start formulating a strategy.

Make a Plan

Once you know you need to move, make a plan. A few of the items on your checklist should include:

  • Sorting out school schedules for your kids.
  • Addressing your utilities, including transferring services to your new home.
  • Packing your belongings.
  • Cleaning out your old place.
  • Selling your old home, if you own your current residence.
  • Managing your obligations to your property manager if you rent your current residence.
  • Organizing the essentials you need until your move and packing the rest.
  • Preparing your personal vehicle for your move.

These are just a few examples, and your work schedule and lifestyle may dictate additional obligations you’ll need to address before your moving day. Try to arrange your to-do list by priority and take as much time as you can each day to start packing.

Hire a Professional

Ultimately, the stress of dealing with an unexpected move can be incredibly challenging. You may simply have too much on your plate including work, your children’s schedules, managing the financial aspects of moving, selling your current home, or even finding a new place to live. In these situations, professional moving services can be valuable lifelines that are more than worth the investment.

Certified Relocation Solutions has extensive experience with all types of moves, including last-minute ones. Whether you have a few weeks or a few days, we understand the stress that an unexpected move can involve and want to help you through the situation with efficient, reliable, and professional moving services.

Our team has experience with short and long distance moves and working with all types of residences. Contact us today and let us know what type of time-frame you have to work with for your impending move, and we will let you know how our team of experienced movers can help make it happen.

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