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These 5 Steps Will Help Moving Day Go Smoothly for Your Movers

These 5 Steps Will Help Moving Day Go Smoothly for Your Movers

When your moving day finally arrives, the movers will show up and take control of all of your possessions. This is often a stressful moment for people when they move. Many people are at a loss for what to do as movers to the work. To make the moving day go smoothly, there are some steps you can take in preparation and on the big day that your movers will appreciate.

What to Do During the Move

Here are some tips to help you and your movers get the most productive moving day possible:

Welcome Your Movers. When the moving company arrives, welcome them into your home and show them around. Let them know exactly where everything is, have boxes labeled appropriately, and let them know where your “Do Not Pack” area is. These are items that you are opting to move yourself and things such as cleaning supplies that you may need after the movers leave. Be sure to have the boxes that you will need most urgently at your new home marked and inform your movers that you will need access to these boxes right away.

● Provide Refreshments. Cold drinks on a warm day or coffee to start the morning are things that your movers will appreciate, and it will keep them motivated and working efficiently. Snacks are also a welcome treat for movers as they work. Consider energy bars, bananas, and trail mix, which keep them feeling full and provide fuel for a busy day of work.

● Move Precious Items in Your Car. If you have smaller items that are particularly valuable or fragile, you can keep them separate from the items the movers are taking and pack them in your car to move yourself. This will ease your worries and give you something to do while the movers are doing their job.

Safety First. Moving involves a lot of busy work for the moving company, and the last thing they need to worry about is having children, pets, and unnecessary personnel under their feet. You will want to make sure your children are in a safe room or with a trusted caregiver. Pets can also be kept in the same room or left with a friend for the day. This will make things a lot easier on your movers.

Let the Movers Do Their Job. You have hired a team of professionals to do this job for you, so you need to trust them to do everything you have asked of them. Do your best to stay out of their way but stay close by in case they have any questions or need you to take care of any details, such as paperwork.

If you prepare for moving day, you and your movers will experience a smooth move that goes off without a hitch. When you work with a reliable team like Certified Relocation, you can trust the most difficult aspects of any move will go smoothly. If you need help planning your move, contact Certified Relocation today.

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