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5 Necessary Steps in Finding the Perfect Roommate

5 Necessary Steps in Finding the Perfect Roommate

Whether you’re new in town and looking for some help with the rent or just need some company, roommates are a great option for people new to the area. However, it is a decision that requires serious thought and a bit of research. You may not be together forever, but you will at least be living in the same space until your lease is up, so you want to find someone you are compatible with. Here are five tips to help you find a roommate you can trust.

Research with Social Media. Put the internet to use for you. There are online classified ads available with listings for situations like yours. There are also groups on social media that link you with people who are looking for roommates, or people who may know someone on the roommate search. Depending on your location, there are also apps available with the express purpose of connecting potentially compatible roommates. You can also use it to track the behaviors of potential applicants.

Ask Interview Questions. When you find someone who you think may be a good fit for your living situation, go beyond the first impression and ask questions before jumping into a situation that may not work out. You should make them aware of total monthly expenses and ask their income, so you know if they will be able to cover monthly rent. You should also ask if they have former roommates and what their reason for moving was. You don’t want to get the first impression that someone is outgoing, sweet, and polite, only to find out too late that they are a terrible, difficult, argumentative roommate.

Check References. It is not unusual to ask a potential roommate for references of past landlords and even former roommates. If you are moving in with a total stranger, you have every right to know a little about their history with paying rent and bills, as well as getting along with the people they have lived with.

Sign a Lease. Don’t take any chances on being stuck with someone who will skip rent payments or pick up and move, thereby sticking you with the entire rent payment and putting you back to the drawing board with finding a roommate. A lease or sublease is a legal contract that protects the landlord but can also protect you if rent isn’t paid or if items and property are damaged by a poor roommate choice.

● Find a Partner. You want to find a roommate who is not only living in your home with you and splitting expenses but is also sharing in the other responsibilities that go along with daily life. Being able to pay their rent and bills is important, but you will also want a roommate who will help with the chores and other shared maintenance responsibilities and potential expenses.

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