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Downsizing Before a Move? Here’s How To Get Rid of Your Furniture

Downsizing Before a Move? Here’s How To Get Rid of Your Furniture

One of the advantages of moving is that it gives an opportunity to evaluate all your possessions and only bring what you truly love and need. It’s easy to let “stuff” accumulate in your home, and sometimes moving forces you to take a hard look at what needs downsizing. If you find yourself with furniture and other large possessions you don’t really need, what is your best course of action? Here are a few ideas for passing on your old furniture when you no longer need it.

Check With Friends and Family

Everyone usually knows someone who is looking for new-to-them furniture. Whether it is a niece going off to college and getting an apartment for the first time or a friend’s kid getting their first job, taking away the expense of getting furniture is always appreciated. Use it as an opportunity to do something nice for someone else.

Donate It

If no one in your social circle needs new furniture, there are plenty of places where you can donate furniture to people in need. Habitat for Humanity accepts furniture donations, as do national organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army. These organizations can help you get the furniture to people who need it the most.

In some cases, charities will even pick up your furniture and take it away from your home, saving you the trouble of trying to haul it away yourself. Organizations like Purple Heart often arrange for donation pickups, depending on their needs and what you have.

Sell It

Want to make a little extra cash off your old furniture? Consider having a garage or estate sale before your big move. This will help you unload all your unwanted possessions so you can make a little extra cash for takeout on those first few nights in your new home before you unpack kitchen boxes. If garage sales are not your style or it is too cold out, then post individual items on online community message boards or Facebook Marketplace.

Consign It

Alternatively, a good way to get rid of big items like furniture is through consignment. Just be sure to read each store’s policies carefully. If you’re moving out of the city or state and your consignment store only offers payouts with store credit, this will not be a good option for you.

Take It To a Dump

Let’s face it, some furniture is simply not worth saving. Grab a friend and their pickup truck and take it to your nearest big item disposal location. It may also be worth calling your local garbage

collector to see if they have designated big item pickup days or if they will haul away your furniture for an extra fee.

If you have extra furniture that you don’t want to make the move, don’t fret. There are plenty of options available to you regarding furniture donation, selling, and disposal. Just be sure to plan ahead, because some processes, like consignment, can take a while.

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