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How to Create a Realistic Moving Timeline

How to Create a Realistic Moving Timeline

When you are planning to move, it’s not just a matter of packing up a few things, driving to the new place, and unloading. From switching utilities to finding the right daycare before the move, there’s always a lot to do. However, a bit of planning can ensure your transition can go as smoothly as possible.

When you’ve got a move on the calendar, use that calendar to create a realistic moving timeline to ensure all the boxes get ticked. Here’s a preview to help you get started.

Three Months Before

The earliest stage in planning your move involves deciding how to move. Friends and family may be willing at this stage, but they may be less willing later. It’s important to have a responsible moving company on the books to ensure your move happens on your schedule. It’s also not too early to talk with schools your children may be attending, plan routes they would take to get there, and look into extracurricular activities for them. Soccer leagues, dance classes, and even preschools sometimes require jumping onto months’ long waiting lists.

Two Months Before

At this point in the moving process, you should begin taking inventory of all your possessions, if you haven’t already. Moving is easier if you don’t take unnecessary items with you. Find a place in your home to separate items into groups: the things you can donate or give to friends and family, the items you wish to sell, items that can be gotten rid of, and of course, the items you will be moving. After separating, follow through, and eliminate the things you want gone by moving day.

One Month Before

The big day is approaching, and you want to have certain things in order. At this point, you should contact utility companies and arrange to have your current utilities shut off on your moving day and turned on by that time at your new place. At this time, you should also change your address and begin collecting boxes and moving supplies.

Three Weeks Before

If you have decided to rent a moving truck, now is the time to make arrangements and have them in place for moving day. You should also start packing, beginning with items you use least often.

One Week Before

Clean or schedule a cleaning service for your old place and your new place as well, if you have access to it. Clean out your refrigerator and throw away items that are getting old or ones that will not travel very well during your move. This is also the time to create a moving inventory list so that you don’t miss or forget anything when moving day comes.

The Day Of

On moving day, you will want to gather the last of your unpacked personal items and pack them up. Designate one person to be your moving supervisor who checks the inventory of boxes and makes sure things are organized and going smoothly. Before leaving, do one last walk through and check every drawer, closet, nook, and cranny, to be sure you haven’t left anything behind. If traveling across the country with children, make sure they have a special toy to hang onto throughout the trip.

If you stick to a realistic timeline when planning your move, the process should be relatively stress-free and smooth. If you have any questions, contact Certified Relocation to see how we can help.

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