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Your Ultimate List of Moving Hacks to Ensure a Stress-Free Move 

Your Ultimate List of Moving Hacks to Ensure a Stress-Free Move 

We would all like to experience a stress-free move, right? Moving is something that is notoriously hard on families, but it doesn’t have to be. Although there are some inescapable inconveniences (living out of boxes for a week or two), moving can be efficient, streamlined, and dare we say, stress-free – with the right approach. Here’s how to make yours as easy as possible.

Create a Moving Day Kit

We talked about the inconvenience of living out of boxes, and there is a simple way to mitigate this aspect of the moving process. Create a “moving day” kit that is loaded with all the essentials you need as soon as you get to your destination. Examples include toothbrushes, a couple of changes of clothes, all your important documents, toilet paper, easy snack foods, water bottles, and favorite toys that your kids can’t live without. Don’t forget a box cutter so you can start getting into your boxes as soon as you’re moved in!

Make Sure Your Utilities Are Transferred Before You Move

Call your utility company and set a turn on day for your utilities for your move-in say (better yet, the day before, so there are no surprises). There is nothing more unpleasant than finishing a move and discovering you don’t have climate control or electricity. A simple phone call can prevent this from happening.

Declutter Before You Pack

If you want to make this process a little easier on yourself, take an honest inventory of your belongings before you pack them. Only bring what you need to make life in your new home comfortable. Going from room to room, assess what you have used in the past 6-12 months, and donate anything that is left over. There are many approaches to decluttering, and different methods work for different people. Find one that makes sense to you, and stick to it.

Use A Color Coding Or Number System

Label all boxes clearly when you are in the packing process. For example, you could use different colored stickers or labels to designate which boxes go to which rooms – green for the study, blue for the master bedroom, yellow for the nursery, etc. Colored Sharpies also work for this purpose. Be sure to label boxes on all sides and use waterproof/water resistant materials. This way, no matter the weather, you won’t have any boxes leftover without a clear destination in mind.

Pack A Special Box

If you are really concerned about transporting family heirlooms or important documents like social security cards, create a box full of special items that you transport in your own vehicle. Pack each item carefully in blankets or plenty of packing paper to ensure a smooth move.

Keep Hardware Together

Lastly, save yourself the hassle of trying to put furniture back together by clearly labeling all accompanying hardware and putting it in a plastic bag. There are a couple of ways to transport hardware – you can either keep it all together and transport it in your special box so you don’t risk losing it, or you can tape it securely to the furniture itself (i.e. under the table top).

No matter the size of your move, Certified Relocation can help make it stress free. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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