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Plan Your Military Move With These 4 Steps

Plan Your Military Move With These 4 Steps

If you are a military personnel member facing an upcoming move, you may be feeling a bit uneasy about how to ensure that everything goes smoothly during your transition. If the move involves your spouse, family, and pets, it may even add more stress and complication to the moving process. Making your military move can be a bit easier and less worrisome, however, if you follow these four guidelines.

Plan Ahead

Most military men and women are no strangers to moving, but even if a permanent change of station (PCS) is a situation you have faced before, don’t procrastinate. Starting early in planning your move is essential to an easy PCS. Meeting with the Personal Property Transportation Office on your base is a step you should take as soon as you receive your PCS orders. They will help you plan and begin your paperwork. The military offers household goods move (HHG), but taking it on yourself, known as a personally procured move, (PPM) can often save you money and with proper planning, allow you a bit of travel or personal time along the way.

Making lists ahead of time is also helpful. Things to consider when making your to-do lists include items to pack, items to carry with you, items you can sell, things you need to get done before the move, and things you must do upon your arrival at your new home. Remember to keep your pets in mind as you plan your move. Traveling and changing environments is stressful for them, too.


Your rank, the size of your family, and whether the move you are making is within the contiguous United States are all factors that affect your allowances. You can estimate the total weight of your belongings and compare it with your entitlements to determine your approximate reimbursement. You will typically be reimbursed around 95% of what the military would pay for an HHG for your PPM. Selling items online, having a yard sale, or storing unnecessary items is often a wise choice if you want to maximize reimbursements and make the move a little easier.

Insuring Your Move

Whenever you are moving personal items yourself, check your homeowners insurance to see if the items are covered while in your personal vehicle during the move. A PPM is nice because it allows you to stay with your valuables and protect them, but you still want to ensure they are insured. Double-check your auto insurance, as well, to make sure any vehicles you will be driving during the PPM are covered.

Seek Assistance

It is always a good idea to have as much help with logistics as you can during a PPM. There are websites available for you to help with financial management, counseling, budgeting, and paperwork. Military moving companies are also a great resource, as they have extensive experience with PPMs. They can often help you in aspects outside of simply moving your belongings.

If you find yourself facing a military move, reach out to Certified Relocation Solutions today at (973) 370-9968. As a military veteran family-owned business, we are committed to making your PPM as smooth, economical, and worry-free as possible for you and those you care about as you serve and protect our country.

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