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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Mover in New Jersey?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Mover in New Jersey?

Many people try to move their homes or businesses themselves to save money. What really happens, however, is that the individual feels overwhelmed and stressed – on top of potentially losing or damaging their items in an unprofessional move. Certified Relocation Solutions strives to remove the stress from moving. We believe in transparent and reasonable billing to help our clients move without worry of hidden fees or unreasonable surcharges.

If you’re looking for a mover in New Jersey, you should have some idea of what to expect in terms of cost and how to tell if you’re getting real value for the money you pay to a professional mover.

Average Mover Costs

When you’re determining how much a mover will cost, you need to take a few factors into account: the distance of the move, what kinds of items will be moved, and how the moving company bills their services. For example, some moving companies will have a base price using the distance of the move as reference. A short move to the other side of the neighborhood will cost much less than moving across the country.

Next, you will need to consider labor rates. Will you need someone to pack your belongings as well as load them onto the truck? Do you have antiques that will need extra protection? Do you own many books? The weight of books can affect the cost for some moving companies.

Most movers charge different rates depending on how many movers you need, how many trucks will be necessary, and whether you or the company will be packing and unpacking. Consider your moving needs, then explain that to your moving company for the most accurate rate. Professional movers should offer packages for full packing and partial packing rates.

Things to Remember About Quotes

Beware of flat fees when shopping around for moving companies. Some moving companies like to promise “flat” fees and then up charge for certain necessities on the day of your move. Try finding a mover who will come to your home for a consultation before moving day to give you an accurate assessment of how long the move will take, how many movers the job needs, and what it will ultimately cost. Certified Relocation Solutions in Hackensack offers our clients 100% free in-home surveys so they can feel comfortable about how we bill our time and services.

Get Real Value for Your Investment

Hiring a professional moving service can seem like a luxury, but it will likely be less expensive and less hazardous than moving yourself. Your most precious and valuable items will be secured and moved by bonded professionals, meaning less chance of them being damaged. Likewise, you and your friends won’t have to suffer the physical aftermath of a move, which can bring costly medical bills and spans of inactivity. Professional movers have professional and legal incentive to protect your possessions and provide the smoothest move possible. Contact Certified Relocation Solutions in Hackensack today for a quote or a free in-home survey before your next move.

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