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Need to Transport a Valuable Collection? Here’s How

Need to Transport a Valuable Collection? Here’s How

Moving can be stressful, especially if you have valuables to transport. Regardless of how big or small your valuable collection is, you need to know a few basics to ensure it travels and arrives safely at your new place.

Know Your Collection and Its Worth

Before you start thinking about how you’re going to move your collection, you should take steps to ensure you know its accurate value. If you already have insurance to cover your home, your vehicle, and other aspects of your life, you may want to investigate your options for insuring your valuable collection against damage. Depending on the type of collectibles you own, this may not be possible, but it is still worth investigating in case you can arrange an extra layer of protection.

Knowing the true worth of your valuable collection also helps if you should choose to hire a professional moving company. Any reputable moving service will ask you to list the value of the items you hire them to move for you, and you can make sure they understand the value of your collection and use the appropriate level of care and attention while handling it.

Create an Inventory of Your Collection

If you’re a dedicated collector, you probably already have some kind of inventory system for your collection. If not, it’s a wise idea to create one in advance of your move. Carefully list every item in your collection with a description of the condition of each item, if appropriate. If you already have an inventory of some kind, make sure it’s up to date with your most recent acquisitions.

Review your inventory list a week or two before your move and add values to every item if you haven’t already done so. This inventory will help ensure every part of your collection reaches your new home.

Research Proper Moving Methods

People collect all kinds of things. Check online with other collectors to see if they can offer any advice for safely moving your collection. You can also research specialized carrying cases and the best types of packing materials to use for transporting your collection so you can prepare ahead of your move with all the right tools.

Hire a Professional Mover

Ultimately, the average person has lots to worry about when it comes to moving from one home to a new one, and a valuable collection can further complicate an already stressful process. If you’re running out of time before your moving day and can’t seem to nail down a solid strategy to safely transport your collection to your new place, hiring a professional moving service is the best option to ensure everything arrives intact.

Certified Relocation Solutions understands the needs of collectors and how much time they put into maintaining and growing their valuable collections. Our moving crews treat all customers’ property as they would their own and complete specialized training for the safe packing and handling of all types of items.

If you entrust your move to Certified Relocation Solutions, you can rest assured we will use the utmost care as we pack and move every item in your collection, from breakable figurines to bulky arcade machines. Contact us today to learn more about our professional, fully licensed, and insured moving services.

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