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How To Keep Fragile Items Safe During a Move

How To Keep Fragile Items Safe During a Move

Whether you need to move your grandmother’s china or a grand piano, certain items in your home need more care than others. Making sure all your belongings get to your new place in one piece will take some planning and special equipment, and securing assistance from professional movers can make the whole process easier and safer for you and your belongings. Professional movers can take the stress and hard work out of a move for you, but if you want to pack your fragile items yourself, you should know the best ways to do it.

Packing High-Risk Items

Things can shift and settle inside boxes during your move. While a bit of jostling may not hurt your books or clothing, too much of a bump can destroy other items, like glassware, china, and framed photos and artwork. If you plan to move with breakable items, take time to pack them and prevent damage from bumpy rides with a few easy tips:

  1. Choose sturdy boxes for your expensive and breakable items. If possible, purchase plastic totes with locking tops for your most vulnerable items.
  2. Pack tightly. The more room an item has to move inside a box, the more it will move once the moving vehicle is in motion. Try to leave as little space as possible inside any box carrying breakable items.
  3. Use appropriate padding. While you don’t want to leave much room to move inside the boxes with your breakable items, you don’t want those items crashing into one another, either. Use appropriate padding for your items like bubble wrap, newspaper, or even old tee shirts to wrap your fragile items and keep them safe during transit.
  4. Secure boxes in the moving truck. Try to arrange the boxes and other stuff in your moving truck so your fragile items are protected from other items that might shift during the move. Make sure nothing can tip over or fall on top of your fragile item boxes. If you have room.
  5. Hire professional packers and movers. Professional moving service technicians will have the skills and experience to pack your most fragile belongings in such a way that they will be completely protected during a move. Make sure your movers know which items require special attention before packing, and ask them what special measures they can take to ensure their protection.

These tips can help you keep your most valuable and most vulnerable possessions safe on the journey to your new home. While you may manage these issues yourself, hiring professional movers can not only offer a higher degree of protection but also provide peace of mind.

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Why Hire Professional Movers?

Professional movers have experience moving all types of fragile, expensive, and sentimentally valuable items. An experienced team of professional movers will know how to protect your fragile items from damage in transit and ensure they reach your destination safely.

Professional movers like the team at Certified Relocation Solutions have experience with all types of fragile items, from glassware and crystal to framed portraits and antique furniture. If you plan to move anytime soon and are worried about moving your fragile items, contact Certified Relocation Solutions to learn how we can help.


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    John William
    August 22, 2019 Reply

    excellent service. keep up the good work

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    Henry Killingsworth
    December 17, 2019 Reply

    My wife and I want to move to a different apartment soon, but she has a big piano that will be difficult to move. We found it helpful when you explained that it is important to utilize special equipment and to use the right kind of padding. It seems like it would be best for us to hire a professional company to help us so that we don’t damage her piano.

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