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Don’t Fall for These 5 Moving Scams

Don’t Fall for These 5 Moving Scams

Unfortunately, moving scams exist, and it’s important that people are aware of the signs of such scams. Recently, an employee of one such scam came forward to talk to the media about the predatory business practices she helped enable for a moving company that changed named four times in only a few years to evade penalties from government agencies and the Better Business Bureau. This company not only lowballed quotes to customers and increased their charges tremendously on moving days, but also stole their belongings, leaving many unwary customers without any of their possessions and costing them thousands of dollars in exorbitant fees.

To avoid scams like this, it’s vital to know how to spot untrustworthy moving services and the red flags that should warn you away from them.

Common Moving Scams and Their Tactics

To protect your belongings and ensure a safe move, watch out for common scam tactics such as:

  • Unbelievably low quotes. A professional moving service can be worth the money you pay to secure their services as long as the company is certified, licensed, experienced, and properly insured. If a moving company seems to offer a very low initial quote, they may have plans to add charge at the last minute.
  • Bait and switch. A scam company may offer a seemingly reasonable price before your move only to suddenly increase your charges while they have all your stuff. This means they are essentially holding your property hostage until you pay much more than you originally agreed to pay for their services.
  • Lack of specific information about services. A professional moving company should be able to provide extensive details about their services and what they offer. Any reputable moving company should be happy to offer this information to secure your business. Don’t hire any company that can’t provide exact details about their experience, certifications, licenses, and insurance coverage.
  • Too-quick quote inspections. Did the moving company representative who offered your quote take time to look through all your cabinets, ask specific questions about your move, or explain how the company will handle moving specific items you own? This could be a sign of a scam, and the company is simply waiting to have all your items packed on their truck before demanding additional payment for undisclosed fees and other charges.
  • Required deposits. It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid any moving company that demands a large deposit upfront. Trustworthy moving companies require payment on delivery and won’t expect hundreds or thousands of dollars in advance of your move.

It’s best to take your time and research available moving services and find one with a solid track record of positive customer experiences, reasonable billing, and respectable work ethic.

Work with Trusted Professional Movers

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