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4 Things to Look For in Your Residential Mover

4 Things to Look For in Your Residential Mover

Finding a mover you can trust with all your belongings takes careful research. New Jersey residents don’t want to end up with movers who mishandle their belongings, show up late, or aren’t prepared. If you need a professional residential mover to help you and your family relocate, below are a few important factors to consider during your search.

Positive Online Reviews

Check the mover’s website for client testimonials with a careful eye. Usually, companies will obviously only display positive reviews. However, if someone has had a bad experience with a moving company, usually, you can find out about it on Yelp or social media. One review isn’t enough to know the true company culture of a moving service. If you find several with similar issues, then treat that as a warning sign. Remember, some negative reviews may be overblown issues reported by unreasonable customers, while exaggeratedly positive reviews could be friends and family of company employees.

Personal Referrals from Friends, Neighbors and Family

If you’re moving within your area, do you know anyone else nearby who has moved recently? Ask them for their recommendations. If a friend or relative had a great experience with a local residential mover you may not have heard about it – good service is an expectation when money is on the line. However, if a friend or neighbor has had a terrible experience, you will likely hear about it as soon as you start asking around.

Verified Credentials

How do you know if a residential mover has the appropriate skills, equipment, and experience to handle a residential move professionally without issue? Check a residential moving service’s claimed credentials and consider going a step further to verify them with the appropriate licensing agencies. Make sure the mover has the appropriate licenses and other certifications to operate in your old location and your destination.

Never hire a residential moving company that doesn’t carry insurance. This ensures the moving company is legally bound to protect your possessions during the moving process. You can also verify a moving company’s credentials with the U.S. Department of Transportation if they operate across state lines.

Trustworthy Billing Practices

Unfortunately, some businesses try bait-and-switch tactics to charge their customers more than they expected. For example, a moving company may offer a flat rate for your move, and, when they arrive, the movers start pointing out issues with the move that will cost extra, essentially running up your tab during the whole move. Check reviews and double-check all paperwork before agreeing to any residential moving services so you know exactly how much you’ll spend.

Finding the right moving company in the Hackensack, New Jersey area can feel like a challenge. Most people dread moving, and hiring a professional residential mover can take a lot of the stress out of relocating. However, it’s crucial to find a mover you can trust with your most important possessions that will fill your new home. If you need a trustworthy residential mover in Hackensack, contact Certified Relocation Solutions today for a quote.

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    Henry Killingsworth
    January 15, 2020 Reply

    I appreciate the advice about finding a moving service that has the proper credentials. My brother and his wife will be moving soon. These tips you shared will help them find a reliable service to hire for help.

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