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The Ultimate Checklist for Commercial Relocation

The Ultimate Checklist for Commercial Relocation

Commercial relocation is an enormous undertaking. You have to make sure you do what’s best for your business, your employees, and your customers. Whether you’re moving to a new building locally or taking on a long-distance move, professional relocation experts can make the process much easier.

Keep Employees Up to Speed

Make sure you take time to let your employees know about the move well in advance. Ideally, let them know as soon as you make a final decision to move or at least when you close the purchase or lease for the new location. Depending on what type of company you operate, your employees may have belongings they will need to pack, new transportation to consider, or other issues.

If you have your employees handle packing their own desks and work spaces, make sure they have a clear timeline for the company’s move. Let them know where to go, when to show up, and what to expect from your new facility.

Make Sure Your Customers Know Your Move Is Coming

If you own a brick-and-mortar location that regularly sees foot traffic from your customers, you will want to post notices of your move as soon as you have a new location. Consider printing out flyers for your customers with your new address and contact information or send out a reminder email to your digital mailing list so they know what to expect. If you own a purely online business, such as an eCommerce site, let your customers know they may experience a delay in their order processing and shipping due to your move. Consider offering them some type of compensation like a discount on a future purchase if so.

Virtually every modern business today has some type of online presence. You will want to ensure your marketing teams update company contact information, location information, and all other details about your move in your online advertisements, social media pages, and your website. Ultimately, you want to make sure Google doesn’t send customers to your old location once you’ve moved.

Get Your Operations Squared Away at Your New Location

IT is a staple of virtually every modern company. Unless your company is moving within the local area, you may need to coordinate IT services from a new provider closer to your destination. It is never worth the risk to do any type of business digitally without appropriate security in place, and your employees will likely encounter some IT-related snags during the transition process. Sorting out your IT and other managed services before reopening is a must.

Hire Professional Commercial Movers

If you own a small shop and are simply moving to a better location in your local area, your move could only take a day or two. If your company takes up several floors of a high-rise building and you’re relocating desks, copy machines, computers, and large pieces of furniture, your move could take longer depending on the type of movers you hire for the job.

Certified Relocation Solutions in Hackensack offers local and long distance commercial moving services for all types of companies. We can coordinate with your business leaders to organize a streamlined moving process that minimizes downtime for your operations. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial moving services.


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